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What is inView?

inView™ is a comprehensive dental office design tool that was created to methodically guide dental professionals through the office design process. Designed for dental professional who are starting, growing or remodeling a dental office, inView breaks down the office design process into 6 manageable phases based on time tested project management best practices. From Discover, Enlighten, Envision, Create, Realize to Reflect, each Phase defines the action steps necessary to ensure a seamless office design experience.

Each phase clearly articulates the action steps that need to be successfully executed to keep your project on track. inView's proprietary business tools and resources are available through the inView's private online portal.Each phase clearly articulates the action steps that need to be successfully executed to keep your project on track. Check off action items as they are completed and watch your dream office come into view with our project completion meter. Proprietary business tools, resources and compilations of industry leading office design principles are available to help you complete each step along the way.

What does inView cost?

inView's patented and trademarked recipe has facilitated thousands of successful new dental offices over many years and is available at no cost to you by Pelton & Crane with support from our dealer partners.

How will inView help guide me from planning to profitability?

At the core of inView is a robust financial calculator adapted to your unique project. For new practices, this financial analysis will help you answer critical questions like when will my new practice produce positive cash flow? For existing practices, does this project make sense financially? What will my new monthly production need to be to break even? What impact will increasing or decreasing patient fees have on the bottom line?

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inView Testimonials

"I feel very excited and at the same time very grounded about this project and where we need to go next. I think this new program, inView, will be a huge help for all of us on this new journey."
– Dr. Ellis

"InView is a great idea for a portal of planning to aid in the entire process from discovering your dream to completing your journey."
– Dr. Rothwell

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