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Status Bar
The status bar is a visual representation of the progress you have made in inView™. If your project is behind your original planned schedule, an exclamation icon will appear in the status bar.

Summary of all phases: displays the % you have completed of the total inView™ process.
Current Phase: displays which inView™ phase you are in and the % you have completed of that phase.

Priority Items
Priority Items are steps within the current phase that require your attention

Upcoming Milestones & Events
Upcoming Milestones & Events are important items that you will need to complete by the due date in order to keep your project on track. From here, you may also view your calendar or click on the event name to view more details regarding the event.

Recent Activity
Recent activity associated with your project and who completed the activity. From here, you may also view all previous activities associated with your project.


The inView™ tab outlines the 6 phases that you will pass through when completing the inView™ process, as well as the individual steps needed to complete each of the 6 phases. Under each step, there will be a description of the step, as well as instructions and resources (when applicable) needed to complete the step. Any applicable resources will be located in the gray sidebar to the right of the step.

Marking an action item as complete
Many required action items are read only. A check mark will appear next to the item name after you have opened and read the item.
Only your Pelton & Crane representative will be able to mark the Milestone Review as complete. The Milestone Review must be completed prior to entering the next phase.

Moving on to the next phase
At the end of each phase, you will have a Milestone Review. This review is to ensure that you have completed all of the needed action items in the phase before proceeding to the next phase. Please message your Pelton & Crane representative to let them know you have completed all of the necessary items. Your representative will then move your project to the next phase.

Completing the New Practice Checklist
The New Practice Checklist will become available to you during the second, or Enlighten Phase. You will have access to this checklist for the rest of your inView™ journey. Please check off items as you complete them. Changes to the checklist will save only if you are accessing the checklist from within your current phase.

Financial Analysis FAQ’s

During the Enlighten Phase, you will begin a detailed financial analysis of your new dental office. The financial analysis consists of the following: Project Plan, Space Plan, Equipment Plan, Financial Plan, Production Plan, Financial Plan Summary, and Tax Plan. Your Pelton & Crane representative will be available to assist you in completing your financial analysis.

Do I have to complete the entire financial analysis at one time?
No. You may save your work as you go by clicking save at the bottom of the page. This will enable you to start where you left off previously.

What if I do not know an answer to a financial analysis question?
Often the typical industry value will be listed under each question for your reference. If you are having trouble answering a particular question, please contact your Pelton & Crane representative for assistance.

Why are some inputs in the financial analysis already prepopulated?
Some inputs are prepopulated with industry standards for your convenience. All inputs can be changed as required.

How do I know if I need to enter a % or a $ amount in the various input fields?
To the left of each input field, there will be a $ or % sign, depending on which type of input is required

What is the difference between a Condo, Lease, or Build?
Condo- means purchasing a space in multi-unit building
Lease- Leasing space
Build- Building new space

What is a load factor?
The load factor is used in building new buildings - it accounts for exterior walls to get a total sq. ft. of the building. This number represents the additional sq. ft. needed for exterior wall thickness in build scenarios

Is the Equipment Plan an accurate quote for Pelton & Crane equipment?
The Equipment Plan is an estimate for fully equipping a new office. This is not a quote; but rather a comprehensive listing of everything a doctor will need in their practice and the typical industry range of prices associated with each item.

What is the typical number of months construction financing is required?
Building - consider 6 - 9 months
Leasing - consider 3 - 6 months depending on leasehold improvements to be made to existing facility

What are typical interior design fees?
If you do not have a quote for interior design and are seeking consultation, estimate $4,000-$6,000.

Why can’t I modify my Financial Plan Summary?
The Financial Plan Summary is a snapshot of your project’s financial information and is for reference purposes. To change your financial information, return back to the Financial Plan and click modify.

What does “Projected Operational Cost” include on the Financial Plan Summary?
On the Financial Plan Summary, Projected Operational Cost is an estimate of the monthly Utilities, Taxes, Insurance, and Maintenance of your new office.

Why can’t I modify my Tax Plan?
The Tax Plan is for reference only. If you wish to change your tax bracket, refer back to the Space Plan and click modify.


On the Calendar tab, you will see all of the upcoming events that will need to be completed by the due date in order to keep your project on track. To view more detail, click on the event name. You can also edit the event due date or description by clicking on the edit button. To delete an event, click delete and confirm your request to delete.

Adding a New Event
To add a new event (or meeting,) click on the Calendar tab and then the “add a new event” button on the sidebar to the right of your screen. Enter the title, date, and time of your event and click “add event.” The new event will now appear on your calendar.

Syncing Upcoming Events to Outlook Calendar
By subscribing to inView™ iCalendar Feed, your inView™ events and milestones will sync to your personal email calendar. To subscribe, click on the Calendar tab, and the “inView™ iCalendar Feed” button on the sidebar to the right of your screen.


Unread Messages
When you have a new unread message, the number of unread messages will appear in a yellow box directly above the Messages Tab.

Sending a new message
Click on the “Messages” tab and click on “Send a new message.” To add a recipient, begin by typing in your team member’s name. A link to their profile will appear, click on the link and the name will appear in the recipient field. All of your team member names are listed in the gray sidebar to the right.

Please note: messaging is available within inView™ only. You cannot send a message to external email addresses. Should you wish to email someone on your team, please click on the “People” tab. The email addresses of your project team members are available here.  To send an email, click on the applicable email address of your project team member, and Outlook will automatically open. 

Replying to a message
You can reply to a message directly from the “Messages” tab by clicking the “reply” link to the right of any message, or from within a message by clicking reply.

Sorting messages
On the “Messages” tab, you can narrow your messages by person, by clicking on their name in the gray sidebar to the right. You may also sort by who the message is from, the subject, or the date sent by clicking on the blue hyperlinks “from, subject, date” at the top of the page.


Creating a new category of tasks
Begin by clicking on the “Tasks” tab. Your “New Practice Checklist” tasks are pre-populated for you. To create a new category of tasks, click on “Add a new task list” located on the upper right hand corner of the page. Insert the “Name” of this category of items and choose the appropriate position. Then click “Add task list.”

Creating a new task
Within each category of tasks, you can add a new task. At the bottom of each category of tasks there is a link to “add a new task.” Once you have clicked the link, you are able to input the task name and position within that category. If a task is extremely important, you may wish to position “at top.”

Jumping to a particular task list
On the gray sidebar to the right, you will see all of your task lists. To jump to a particular task list, click the hyperlink for that task list.


Accessing inView™ resources
Any time that you will need a resource to complete an action step during inView™; the necessary resources will be available to you on the right sidebar at the top of that page.

All of the resources associated with inView™ are also available at any time by clicking on the “Resources” tab. If you wish to quickly locate a resource, you are able to browse by category on the right sidebar.


Uploading Files to inView™
To save any project specific files to your inView™ account, click on the “Files” tab and click “Upload a New File” in the gray sidebar to the right. Any files that you upload will be viewable by your inView™ project team members. Your project team members may also upload files to your account as needed.


Adding members to your project team
When you become a member of inView™, you have the ability to add members to your project team. For example, you may wish to add your interior designer, office manager, partner, contractor, etc.  Any member that you add will have access to your inView™ account and will be able to assist you in completing steps, adding and completing tasks, etc.

To add a new member to your team, click on the “People” tab. Under your organization heading click “Add person.” You will need to enter their name and email address. You may also include a personal message.

All members of your team will appear under your organization’s title. Your Pelton & Crane rep and dealer rep will also appear under the “People” tab.

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My Profile

Changing your password
After logging in to inView™, begin by clicking on the “my profile” tab that appears at the top right hand corner of your inView™ screen. Under the Login section, enter your new password in the field “new password.” Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “save changes.”

Changing your profile picture
After logging in to inView™, begin by clicking on the “my profile” tab that appears at the top right hand corner of your inView™ screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the Image section, browse for a saved BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG and click “Upload Image.”


At any time you can search within your inView™ account by typing in a description of what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of any page.